Malang, E Java (ANTARA) - A professor at Brawijaya University, Sugiono, has developed an application called Double Awareness Driving (DAD) to prevent accidents at railway crossings, which can run on both visual and audio maps.

The DAD application has been developed to increase the safety awareness of motor vehicle drivers, including machinists, at railway crossings, Professor Sugiono told ANTARA in Malang city, East Java, on Tuesday (December 12, 2023).

"We want to build awareness in two directions. So far, such solution, if I may say so, is still partial," he said.

The DAD application is intended to serve as a first-stage early warning system for drivers as well as people at some railway crossings, especially those without gate barriers.

The application, according to him, works like Google Maps to display train crossing points.

He explained that the app provides information to road travelers on all the railway crossings that they will cross from the start of their journey till they arrive at their destination.

"For example, from point A to point B, the best alternative route will emerge. At that time, the application user will receive information that he will pass through one or more railway crossings," Sugiono informed.

Based on this information, motor vehicle drivers can remain alert and careful at railway crossings, he said.

According to him, the DAD application also functions at railway crossings without gates.

Besides providing information on routes and crossings at the start of travel, the application also processes information in real time.

"When users approach a railway crossing, warning signs appear to increase their awareness. The warning appears from a distance of approximately 500 meters before the train crossing," Sugiono said.

"This is in real time. So, 500 meters before the crossing, it is still green. Then, 500–100 meters when approaching the crossing, it will become yellow, and at 100 meters, it will be red and (make a) sound. This is to increase (drivers') awareness to be careful when crossing," he expounded.

In the long term, the application is not expected to only serve as a means of increasing the awareness of motor vehicle drivers; in the future, a similar system is likely to be implemented for train drivers.

"This application was created to improve existing solutions, which only focus on crossing areas. Meanwhile, (train) drivers and (motor vehicle) drivers have not been involved comprehensively," he said.

According to him, train drivers will be alerted when their train approaches a crossing. As of now, drivers only follow orders or signal lights at crossings.

"Machinists also need information. Because machinists often rely on their duties, on signals. So with DAD, machinists can make or make decisions when conditions are dangerous," he said.

Currently, the application is in the process of being patented and, in the future, it will be offered to Google and is expected to be integrated with Google Maps. The ultimate goal of developing the application is to establish an early warning system.

"We will patent it first; when it is finished, we will offer it to Google Maps. If we collaborate with Google Maps, it will be easier because it already uses satellite so even if there is no internet network, it will be okay," he said.

Based on Brawijaya University records, there are 2,259 railway crossings in Indonesia without gate barriers or without officers.

In 2022, the number of accidents at railroad crossings reached 289.

This translates to 6.02 accidents every week. As many as 87 percent or around 251 accidents occurred at unmanned crossings.

Thus, it is hoped that the DAD app will help reduce the number of accidents.

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Translator: Vicki Febrianto/Yashinta Difa
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