Jayapura (ANTARA) - Papua, the easternmost region of Indonesia, has seen significant progress due to the electrification process carried out by state-run electricity company PT PLN.

The electrification, in addition to powering up Papua physically, has brought a ray of hope to communities in the region’s inland areas.

The electricity, flowing through remote locations and villages covered by forests, has opened up new possibilities for Papua to grow and develop.

Electrification does not merely mean access to electricity for people in Papua, as it also serves as a foundation for the region to grow its economy and pave the way for a better social life.

Charles Toto, a local chef, has been playing a vital role in bringing progress to Papua through gastronomy.

He has been actively introducing and promoting authentic dishes made of ingredients gathered from Papuan forests.

Holding various culinary events in the middle of the jungle to promote Papuan foods to the world is nothing new for the chef.

Toto has been utilizing electricity more effectively to scout and record food ingredients in a more efficient manner, facilitating him to further polish the attractiveness of Papuan cuisine in the eyes of the world.

Apart from that, access to electricity also allows people in the region to build simple drying machines that enable them to dry spices collected from the forests, store and distribute ingredients, and support the local culinary industry.

The existence of PLN in Jayapura, Papua Province's capital, is not meant to simply install electricity infrastructure.

Translator: Afut S, Tegar Nurfitra
Editor: Anton Santoso
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