Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia will highlight a number of achievements that it has made in the field of water management before an international audience at the 10th World Water Forum (WWF) from May 18–24, 2024, in Bali.

At an online press conference on Tuesday, deputy for environmental and forestry management coordination at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Nani Hendiarti, said that a showcase area for the Balinese irrigation system, Subak, will be prepared for the event.

In addition, Indonesia will highlight a pollution control and ecosystem restoration program in the Citarum River Basin Area (DAS), known as the Citarum Harum Program.

According to Hendiarti, the Citarum Harum Program will be promoted at the 10th WWF because the program has succeeded in improving the water quality in Citarum from heavily polluted to lightly polluted, with the Water Quality Index reaching 51.01 points.

"This is an example of an integrated program, with perhaps around 16 ministries/agencies involved, and an action plan is being implemented," she informed.

Then, a program to save 15 national priority lakes, which includes restoring water quality, governance, and the surrounding ecosystem, as well as a program for handling marine debris, will also be showcased at the upcoming 10th WWF.

"Because this (marine debris handling) has been recognized internationally, and Indonesia also has the commitment and is consistent in making the efforts," she said.

The 10th WWF, themed "Water for Shared Prosperity," will feature discussions involving three processes, namely thematic, political, and regional.

The thematic process will cover six sub-themes: water security and prosperity; water for humans and nature; disaster risk reduction and management; governance, cooperation, and hydro-diplomacy; sustainable water finance; and knowledge and innovation.

The regional process will cover four regions, namely the Mediterranean, the Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Africa.

Meanwhile, the political process will comprise meetings of heads of state, ministers, parliaments, local authorities, and basin authorities.

The 10th WWF is targeting to involve as many as 30 thousand participants, including 33 heads of state, 190 ministers from 180 countries, as well as representatives from 250 organizations who will attend 214 forum sessions.

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