West Lampung (ANTARA) - The government is developing the Lake Ranau Tourism Thematic Market in West Lampung, Lampung, in the hope of stimulating economic activities and boosting trade transactions, according to Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan.

"This people's tourism thematic market, which is being developed with a special allocated budget, is expected to shoot up the number of trade activities and transactions in this priority tourism region," he said in a statement from the West Lampung district government received on Thursday.

Hasan said that the government has envisioned the market as a thematic tourist destination that showcases the beauty of the culture of the Lampung people.

"The design for this market combines the culture of Lampung while exploring the appeal of Lake Ranau," he disclosed.

He emphasized the importance of paying attention to the non-physical aspects of the market.

"The district and provincial governments need to immediately take preparatory measures for the market's non-physical aspects so that it can immediately operate to support the tourism sector of West Lampung," he said.

One of the non-physical aspects is related to the need for local governments to assist and guide local merchants to create a tourist-friendly image for the market.

"Merchants are expected to not only sell their products but also be able to explain the origins and philosophies of their products. It would be even better if merchants could properly arrange their products and have the capacity to speak foreign languages," he elaborated.

Meanwhile, the acting head of West Lampung district, Nukman, extended his gratitude to the Trade Ministry for allocating a special budget for the development of the Lake Ranau Tourism Thematic Market.

"The existence of this market will truly help the West Lampung district government boost the regional economy," he said.

He also noted that the market would combine the concepts of tourism and trade by offering typical local handcrafts, foods, and souvenirs, as well as explorative tourism experiences at Lake Ranau.

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Translator: Riandi G, Tegar Nurfitra
Editor: Anton Santoso
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