Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing stated that the 10th World Water Forum is a means to seek concrete solutions for the issues of drinking water and sanitation in Indonesia.

The 10th World Water Forum, themed "Water for Shared Prosperity," is scheduled to be held on May 18-24, 2024, in Bali.

"The 10th World Water Forum is a means of finding real solutions to drinking water and sanitation issues in Indonesia. All parties must work together to answer big challenges related to water," the ministry's Director General of Human Settlements, Diana Kusumastuti, stated here on Friday.

Kusumastuti noted that her ministry and the World Water Council have designed a series of meetings in accordance with the three processes of the forum: thematic process, regional process, and political process.

She underlined that access to adequate and safe drinking water is still a challenge in Indonesia.

According to Kusumastuti, access to adequate drinking water has currently only reached 91 percent, while access to safe drinking water stands at 11.8 percent.

"Moreover, the achievement of access to adequate drinking water has only increased by around one percent per year and the growth rate of piped (water) access has not reached one percent over the last five years," she remarked.

She noted that policies on the provision of drinking water must be carried out through several aspects, such as increasing service coverage and meeting drinking water quality standards.

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Meanwhile, the other efforts are increasing the capacity and role of the drinking water supply system (SPAM) and increasing funding capacity and commitment of stakeholders regarding funding.

"The challenges that must be faced to achieve the target of 100 percent safe access to drinking water are urbanization and population, territorial (issues), regulations, governance, economy, and the environment," she remarked.

Those challenges can be faced with integrated development based on spatial planning, community-based infrastructure development, and an increase in development funding.

She also emphasized that in the development of drinking water and sanitation facilities, sound cooperation and collaboration between the central government and regional governments is of utmost importance.

The 10th World Water Forum will feature discussions involving three processes, namely thematic, political, and regional.

The thematic process will cover six sub-themes: water security and prosperity; water for humans and nature; disaster risk reduction and management; governance, cooperation, and hydro-diplomacy; sustainable water finance; and knowledge and innovation.

The regional process will cover four regions, namely the Mediterranean, the Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Africa.

Meanwhile, the political process will comprise meetings of heads of state, ministers, parliaments, local authorities, and basin authorities.

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