Jakarta (ANTARA) - National railway subsidiary PT KAI Commuter Indonesia (KAI Commuter) has informed that trains (KRL) imported from CRRC Sifang Co. Ltd., China, will arrive in Indonesia starting next year.

KAI Commuter corporate secretary Anne Purba said that the first series of KRL will arrive 13.5 months after the inking of the purchase agreement.

"So, this really took until the end of last year; so, the fastest arrival from imports is 13.5 months, which (will be) the first to arrive in Indonesia. Its arrival is 15 months in total, but the first train set will arrive in 13.5 months," she informed at the KAI Commuter Office in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Purba said that KAI will conduct trials on a four-thousand-kilometer circuit. Thereafter, the KRL will be certified by the Directorate of General of Railways (DKJA) and permitted to serve passengers.

Therefore, KAI is targeting to operationalize the KRL 15 to 16 months from the time of their arrival.

"The target is around 15 months and in the 16th month, we will be able to serve passengers, so there will be certification from DJKA, too," Purba informed.

KAI Commuter has purchased three new KRL worth Rp783 billion (US$49.6 million) from Chinese train manufacturer CRRC Sifang.

President director of KAI Commuter, Asdo Artriviyanto, said that the three new KRL series belong to the KCI-SFC120-V type and will be used for operations in the Jabodetabek area.

He added that the import of the trains from CRRC Sifang was the final process in the series of procurements made to augment the Jabodetabek KRL fleet.

KAI Commuter has ordered 16 new KRL series produced locally by PT INKA for Rp3.83 trillion (US$242 million) and retrofitted KRL series from PT INKA worth Rp2.23 trillion (US$141 million).

The aim of procuring the new fleet is to increase transportation capacity in line with the company's target of serving 1.2 million passengers per day next year.

Meanwhile, KAI Commuter said that the total number of Jabodetabek KRL users in 2023 reached 290.9 million, up 38 percent from the previous year.

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