Jakarta (ANTARA) - Presidential Regulation No. 19 of 2024, issued on February 12, is meant to serve as a tool for solidifying the national gaming ecosystem, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

"Indonesia wields the instrument and potential to become a prominent player in its own domestic market. Moreover, we also have the opportunity to compete at the global level," said Nia Niscaya, chief expert staff at the ministry, during a weekly press conference in Jakarta on Monday.

The total economic value of Indonesia's gaming market in 2023 reached about US$1.1 billion, she said.

"Online games contributed around US$343 million to the total value of Indonesia's gaming market of US$1.117 billion. This growth is attributed to the increased accessibility of smartphones and the internet.," she pointed out.

According to Niscaya, Indonesian gamers dominate the total number of game consumers in the Southeast Asian region, noting that Indonesians accounted for 43 percent of the region's gamers in 2022.

She pointed out that gamers from Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Tangerang have even participated in global competitive tournaments.

Meanwhile, the ministry's director of regulation, Robinson Sinaga, said that the newly issued presidential regulation covers several aspects, including research development, educational development, financing and funding facilities, infrastructure provision, the development of the marketing system, incentives for intellectual property, and protection of creative works.

He said that his ministry has been coordinating with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics to formulate several derivative provisions to complement the presidential regulation.

Following the issuance of the regulation, the government has formed the Team of National Gaming Industry Development Acceleration, which has been tasked with coordinating, synchronizing, and taking steps and policies to overcome problems and obstacles.

The team is also expected to devise and implement public communication strategies in a comprehensive manner, conduct monitoring and evaluation, and provide recommendations regarding the National Games Industry Development Acceleration Program.

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