Samarinda (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (LHK) is preparing 2.5 million free tree seeds at the Mentawir Nursery Center in Nusantara, East Kalimantan, this year for residents of the new national capital.

"The 2.5 million tree seeds allocated for people exclude the seeds we grow with the aim of rehabilitating forests and critical land," manager of the Mentawir Nursery Center, Syaiful Rohman Wahid, informed in North Penajam Paser, East Kalimantan, on Thursday.

Last year, the nursery distributed three million tree seeds to individuals, groups, and institutions, he added.

He said that individuals can get a maximum of 25 tree seeds by submitting a request and furnishing their identity cards.

To get larger quantities of seeds, applicants need to submit proposals in the names of their groups, organizations, or institutions, Wahid added.

He said that the proposals will need to state the quantity and type of seeds requested as well as the location and status of the lands where they will be planted.

"For instance, if a group of farmers wishes to acquire seeds for one hectare of land, they have to mention the location and status of their land along with the quantity of seeds requested," he expounded.

He emphasized that the free seeds are meant to boost the welfare of farmers, restore the glory of Indonesian farmers, and rehabilitate land.

Wahid further revealed that at the nursery, the LHK Ministry is cultivating seeds using both generative and vegetative methods, with the latter mostly applied for growing fruit seeds to produce quality harvests.

The Mentawir Nursery Center is cultivating at least 40 types of plants, he informed, adding that the plants are grouped into several clusters, including endemic wood cluster and fruit cluster.

He said that the nursery is also cultivating trees under the aesthetic plant cluster that can be used for rehabilitation and aesthetic purposes, such as golden trumpet trees that bear beautiful flowers.

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