Changsha, China, (ANTARA/PRNewswire) - Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("Zoomlion", 1157.HK) recently achieved a remarkable feat with its 3,600-ton ZCC89000 crawler crane. Between January 3rd and 8th, the crane broke two world records for the heaviest single lift and fastest lifting speed during the installation of three slurry bed reactors in Zhejiang Province, China. This critical operation was part of the construction of a slurry bed residue hydrogenation plant, which is a key component of Zhejiang Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd.'s 300-million-ton-per-year No.3 New Material Engineering Project.

With a net weight of 3,037 tons and a net height of 67.57 meters, the slurry bed reactor is the world's largest single-weight forging and welding hydrogenation reactor. It plays a crucial role in the slurry bed residue hydrogenation plant, which, upon completion, will enable the facility to achieve green, low-carbon, and precise refining operations with high efficiency.

Zoomlion, in collaboration with the construction company, has implemented eight significant upgrades to the 3,600-ton crawler crane. These improvements, along with various innovative hoisting technologies, have successfully addressed complex challenges such as considerable heights, heavy weights, restricted lifting areas, and long-distance load travel.

The total hoisting weight of the three reactors amounted to nearly 10,000 tons, and the ZCC89000 completed the installation in six days. The lifting moment of the main crane reached 92,800 tm with a counterweight of 3,160 tons, the model offers six travel modes, including the pioneering "T-shaped" travel path allowing it to achieve a greater pickup range in a narrow operating area.

This milestone breakthrough of the petrochemical construction industry not only broke the world records for single lifting weight and lifting speed, but also advanced the construction schedule by two months, boosting significant economic and social benefits.

The mega-scale project is currently the largest of its kind in the field of refining and chemical integration under construction in China, and it's also the world's largest investment in a single industrial project. Upon completion, it will become a super petrochemical industrial base with an annual refining capacity of 40 million tons of oils, 11.8 million tons of aromatics, and 4.2 million tons of ethylene.

Following this significant achievement, Zoomlion's cranes will proceed with further hoisting and installation work, ensuring the project's timely and high-quality completion.

Source: Zoomlion

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