Jakarta (ANTARA) - Progress in completing the migration of TikTop Shop to Tokopedia was on target based on report at the integration meeting at the start of February, Trade Ministry's (Kemendag's) Domestic Trade Director General, Isy Karim, stated.

Based on Kemendag's observation, the process to ensure the TikTok Shop application switches to Tokopedia has been running in accordance with the provisions and has currently reached around 75 percent.

"It is estimated that the migration is one-fourth of the way left,” Karim remarked when confirmed by ANTARA in Jakarta on Wednesday evening (Feb 21).

The transition system includes back-end migration, the system of which has now been taken over by Tokopedia’s back-end electronics system.

This means that transactions from sellers or merchants that are members of TikTok Shop will be processed in Tokopedia's back-end system.

Karim also noted that the Ministry of Trade is still monitoring all electronic systems and transactions between the two companies to ensure the process runs as expected.

Kemendag Regulation Number 31 of 2023 concerning Business Licensing, Advertising, Guidance, and Supervision of Business Actors in Trading Through Electronic Systems, among other things, regulates foreign trade and prohibits payment transactions from taking place on the social commerce’s electronic systems.

Based on these regulations, digital platforms other than e-commerce may not carry out direct online trading activities.

Process Monitored

Director General of Consumer Protection and Orderly Commerce (PKTN) of Kemendag, Moga Simatupang, stated that in future, the process will continue to be monitored, so that the two applications can comply with the regulations made by Kemendag.

"The Ministry of Trade will continue to monitor it intensively until the partnership process between Tokopedia and TikTok is 100 percent in accordance with Minister of Trade Regulation number 31," Simatupang remarked.

He also stated that Tiktok and Tokopedia have committed to completing the migration process according to the time given by Kemendag until April 2024, or four months from December 12, 2023.

Head of Communications, Tokopedia, Aditia Nelwan, noted in a written statement that there was no application transfer when consumers made transactions on TikTok. Consumers can still check out or do shopping in the yellow basket Shop at Tokopedia.

After the transition process for the two platforms is complete, Tokopedia will be the one that runs the transaction payment system on TikTok. Tokopedia is striving to make this transition behind the scenes, so that consumers will still experience convenience while shopping.

"Transactions that occur on TikTok will occur entirely in Tokopedia's backend system, even though users feel there is no movement," Nelwan stated.

"However, that is the goal, so people remain comfortable while shopping," Nelwan remarked.

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Reporter: Azis Kurmala
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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