Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Migrant Worker Protection Agency (BP2MI) Head, Benny Rhamdani, highlighted a drastic increase in Indonesian migrant workers' (PMI's) procedural placement in the last three years dominated by the younger generation following massive dissemination of information.

"In my era, dissemination of information was carried out massively and directly penetrated all provinces throughout Indonesia. The trend is now shifting not only to Java, which is still dominant, but also reaching young people in all regions that have shown interest to work abroad," he noted in a podcast with ANTARA on Monday.

According to Rhamdani, this massive level of awareness-raising introduced the society to job opportunities abroad, especially those with work competencies.

He then highlighted the trend of young people with competencies taking part in the PMI placement process abroad for various job sectors.

According to data from BP2MI, Indonesian migrant workers placements in 2021 had reached 72,624 people and increased to 200,802 people in 2022, and was recorded at 274,965 people in 2023 through various placement schemes.

In 2023, there was also an increase in formal sector workers by 32 percent, from 115,985 placements in 2022 to 152,760 placements. The formal sector, namely workers with special competencies, also dominated the PMI placement, namely 56 percent of the total PMIs, Rhamdani added.

He said that the dissemination of information and better service had an influence on the increase in applicants for Indonesian worker placement under the inter-governmental cooperation scheme or G-to-G.

"For example, with massive awareness raising and our treatment of respecting our PMIs, the number of participants interested in working in South Korea is increasing. This is a very positive trend," he remarked.

Based on the BP2MI data on placements to South Korea via the G-to-G scheme, the number of participants increased, from 174 placements in 2021 to 11,570 placements in 2023.

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