Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Communication and Informatics said that ever since the ratification of the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Law, people have started to become more aware of the importance of protecting their personal data.

"There is a trend of shift in people's behavior. People are now starting to become aware of protecting their personal data," the ministry's director general of informatics application, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, said in an exclusive interview with ANTARA here on Wednesday.

Pangerapan added that to increase people's awareness and encourage them to be more active in protecting personal data, his ministry is also providing learning materials on personal data protection through digital literacy programs, which are routinely being carried out in various regions.

He informed that one of the materials encourages people to check what data will be requested or processed by the application while downloading an application.

People are being encouraged not to install an application if the data requested is deemed excessive in order to avoid any risks.

He added that the government is making efforts to improve responsible personal data management in the digital space.

One of them is preparing new standards for the management of digital identity, also known as Digital ID, which is also regulated by Law Number 1 of 2024 concerning the Second Amendment to Law Number 11 of 2008 on Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE Law).

"The Digital ID is like our e-mail account that we can access on our phone, or social media account...Thus, what will be circulating is only the algorithms, and if there is a certain party that wants to see the real identity, only the relevant (authorized) party can do it," he explained.

He further said that it is highly likely that after the PDP Law becomes fully effective in October 2024, data managers will only request essential data to provide services.

Translator: Livia Kristianti, Raka Adji
Editor: Aditya Eko Sigit Wicaksono
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