Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics, Nezar Patria, emphasized on Friday that the presidential regulation on publishers' rights will not eliminate the freedom of the press.

"There is no connection between this presidential regulation and the freedom of the press," he said at the Merdeka Barat 9 Forum.

He added that the regulation does not even regulate what content is deemed quality journalism, as "it is defined by media companies.".

He said that it essentially regulates business cooperation between media companies and digital platforms to realize quality journalism in accordance with the Press Law.

Patria said that the new regulation was issued in response to concerns that the mainstream media is continuing to experience disruptions from digital transformation and changes in business models.

"Therefore, this presidential regulation is needed to realize a regulatory framework where publishers can sit down with digital platform companies to discuss mutually beneficial business deals," he explained.

The regulation is unique compared to similar regulations in other countries as it focuses on quality journalism, unlike similar regulations in Australia and Canada, which prioritize the business aspect.

"This regulation combines two important elements, namely the improvement of journalists' competence and skills and the implementation of strong journalism ethics in every news product," he added.

The Presidential Regulation Number 32 of 2024 on the Responsibilities of Digital Platform Companies to Support Quality Journalism was approved on February 20 and will take effect within six months of issuance.

It has been devised to level the playing field for local mass media players and digital platforms to prevent digital disruptions from eroding the conventional mass media industry in Indonesia.

The regulation, which was initiated three years ago, also aims to encourage cooperation between the two parties to support sustainable journalism.

It is expected to provide a legal basis and serve as a reference for cooperation between media companies and digital platforms to support quality journalism that is free from negativity.

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Translator: Fathur Rochman, Raka Adji
Editor: Anton Santoso
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