Penajam Paser Utara (ANTARA) - The Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) is developing the creative economy (ekraf) in Nusantara City by compiling a regional creative economy development road map (Talanpekda).

"We are currently carrying out the process of compiling Talanpekda to develop creative and creative economy in Nusantara City," OIKN Director of Culture, Tourism and Creative Economy Muhsin Palinrungi stated in Penajam, Saturday.

The Directorate of Culture, Tourism, and Creative Economy of OIKN held a discussion forum involving stakeholders, including local governments and tourist destination managers, in the Nusantara City area.

He remarked that the discussion on drafting the Talanpekda was held on Thursday (March 21), and various inputs from stakeholders attending the forum were collected by the facilitation team that had been formed.

The facilitation team will thereafter conduct field visits in six sub-districts in the Nusantara City area to collect supporting data.

"We have carried out several stages to prepare the Talanpekda and are targeting completion in May 2024," he remarked.

Talanpekda is a guiding document for the OIKN Directorate of Culture, Tourism, and Creative Economy to plan creative and creative development programs and activities in Nusantara City, the future capital city of Indonesia.

Creative economy development in Nusantara City is a sector that must be prioritized, as it not only contributes to the Indonesian economy but also has a positive impact on the social, cultural, and environmental aspects.

"Creative economy can grow the economy in an inclusive and sustainable manner as well as raise a positive image and national identity in addition to preserving culture and the environment," he affirmed.

He also said that the creative economy can foster creativity that encourages innovation and increases social tolerance among members of all levels of society due to increased understanding between cultures.

Creative economy development in Nusantara City can be more focused and systematic with the Talanpekda, Palinrungi remarked.

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Translator: Nyaman Bagus Purwaniawan, Cindy Frishanti Octavia
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