Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry, here on Saturday, drew attention to the existent shortage of human resources for film production.

The ministry drew attention to the current shortage of behind-the-scenes personnel for strengthening the Indonesian film industry.

Hence, the ministry's Director of Film, Music and Media, Ahmad Mahendra, urged the ministry's Directorate General of Vocational Education to design a scheme that allows related graduates to become involved in film production.

He said this effort is carried out as a response to the need for creative personnel to strengthen the film industry.

"We are currently talking to the Director General of Vocational Education, and we will prepare a scheme on how to make the (film major) graduates closer and ready to step into the film industry, so that film production becomes faster," he remarked.

He highlighted that Indonesian films, apart from being presented in theaters, can also be distributed through the over-the-top (OTT) or streaming platforms.

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At the National Film Day press conference, he elaborated that those efforts are expected to accelerate the pace of Indonesian film production.

In addition, he revealed that the film industry is exploring cooperation with streaming platforms to present more Indonesian films in the digital realm.

Through this collaboration, it is hoped that Indonesian films can be enjoyed by audiences across the world through popular streaming platforms.

He cited as an example the Indonesian film "Gadis Kretek" that had been successful on the streaming platform and garnered high ratings on Netflix.

He said that this is proof that Indonesian films have vast potential to compete in the international market.

"The film Gadis Kretek on Netflix is the second most liked, and the rating was 8.3," he highlighted.

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