Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) launched a guidebook for reading the Braille Al-Quran intended for people with visual disabilities to make it easier for them to understand or learn it.

"This is a learning model for those with special needs in the field of vision, so that they can easily learn the Quran from the Quran written in Braille," Secretary General of the ministry M. Ali Ramdhani stated in Jakarta, Monday.

The launch of this Braille Al Quran reading guide coincides with the Ramadhan Show with the theme "Al Quran For All" held at the office of the ministry in Jakarta on April 1-3, 2024.

Ramdhani highlighted that the ministry is keen to ensure that the Quran is accessible to all parties, without exception. This indicates that the ministry is an agency that provides inclusive services to the people.

According to the secretary general, the ministry had presented the Braille Al Quran and its guidebook not only for Indonesian Muslims but also for the Muslim community worldwide.

"Because sign language and braille are reading methods that apply internationally," he remarked.

Head of Research, Development, Education, and Training of the ministry, Amien Suyitno, stated that the Braille Al Quran has been printed and distributed for a long time but not many people know how to read it.

Hence, it is hoped that the launch of the Braille Al Quran guidebook would provide wider access and reduce the illiteracy rate of the Al Quran in Indonesia.

"We already have two models, there is a hard copy model, and then a soft copy model on Android. We can see both later in the Pusaka (application)," he stated.

He remarked that the guidebook, which is called Iqro'na, was prepared at the request of the public to the government to make a Braille Al-Quran learning method book for people with visual disabilities.

"Just like people who have the Qiroati method, Iqra, and many other methods," he pointed out.

In its preparation, he said, the ministry involved experts and practitioners, such as the Indonesian Blind Association, Yaketunis Yogyakarta, Wyata Guna Bandung Penantun Foundation, and several other institutions.

"Iqro'na is prepared as easy as possible to learn and is completely arranged, starting from the introduction of hijaiyah letters to ghorib reading," Suyitno stated.

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