Jakarta (ANTARA) - The number of travelers opting for train services for the 2024 Eid al-Fitr homecoming exodus is projected at 7.3 million, according to Deputy Minister of State-owned Enterprises Kartika Wirjoatmodjo.

On that note, the deputy minister urged all officers of state-run railway company PT KAI to ensure the safety and security of homebound travelers by conducting first-hand monitoring and inspections.

"The estimated number of passengers hits 7.3 million, presenting a tough challenge. Hence, all officers need to carry out direct monitoring and inspections on the field to ensure that the exodus runs orderly and smoothly," he remarked at Gambir Station, Jakarta, on Friday.

He noted that for this year's Eid homecoming period, PT KAI is operating over eight thousand trains comprising Whoosh high-speed trains, long-distance trains, local commercial trains, local subsidized trains, and local feeder trains.

"This is Whoosh trains' inaugural year of serving Eid homecoming travelers, with 52 daily trips that can accommodate 31,220 passengers every day," he pointed out.

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Wirjoatmodjo then urged PT KAI to continue to pay special attention to disaster-prone regions to anticipate disruptions to tracks possibly occurring during the exodus.

Meanwhile, PT KAI President Director Didiek Hartantyo stated that his side had increased the capacity of passengers and trips for the Eid period.

"We are serving 8,274 trips during this year's Eid period, with the passenger capacity of long-distance commercial and subsidized trains reaching 4,222,000. If combined with (the capacity of) commuter trains, the number crosses seven million," he stated.

Hartantyo said the company had been coordinating with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that all locomotives are in prime condition.

He further remarked that the peak of the homecoming flow for train services is forecast to fall on April 6, with around 17 thousand passengers joining the exodus.

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