South Lampung, Lampung (ANTARA) - The South Lampung Sub-district Police escorted hundreds of exodus motorcyclist travelers who got off at Bakauheni Port, Banten, until their destination point.

Based on ANTARA’s monitoring at the location on Friday night (April 5), the police’s escort of hundreds of travelers was carried until early morning at 3:30 a.m. Western Indonesia Time.

Head of South Lampung Police’s Traffic Unit, Adjunct Commissioner Manggala Agung, stated on Saturday morning that travelers using motorbikes will be escorted by the officers to the destination area.

"We are committed to providing maximum protection to travelers, including motorcyclists, so that they can get to their destination safely," he stated.

He remarked that the escort aimed at ensuring exodus safety and smoothness, so that travelers will not encounter barriers until having arrived at their destination.

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According to Agung, the escort for motorcyclists was also carried out as part of preventive measures to reduce the risk of accidents and criminal acts during the Eid al-Fitr homecoming period in 2024.

"After the motorcyclist travelers get off the ship, they will be gathered in a coordinated way, and when it is ready, we will continue the journey with an escort," he stated.

He revealed that after these motorcyclists reach the district borders, the other officers in charge would then continue to escort them.

Evening escort by police during exodus was implemented to ensure safety and comfort for travelers while crossing the central and eastern Sumatran traffic road to their destinations.

The South Lampung Police had earlier prepared 82 personnel with the support of five patrol car vehicles and 15 motorbikes to carry out the exodus escort starting from Bakauheni Port.

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Translator: Riadi G, Kenzu
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