Penajam Paser Utara (ANTARA) - Villages located within the development site of the new capital city (IKN) Nusantara in Sepaku Sub-district, North Penajam Paser District, East Kalimantan Province, will acquire the town status, the Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) stated.

"Rural regions belonging to the area of Nusantara City will change their status, from villages to towns," OIKN Head Bambang Susantono remarked in North Penajam Paser on Friday.

He noted that the OIKN is targeting to complete the Nusantara village road revitalization and construction programs within the next five years.

According to Susantono, the development programs might be carried out under various schemes, such as the Presidential Instruction (Inpres) for Regional Roads.

Implementation of the programs will be coordinated with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, he stated.

Susantono then noted that his side is planning to devise programs aimed at guiding local residents to reap economic benefits from the relocation of Indonesia's capital city.

"We will assist residents in understanding ways to manage finance and make digital transactions," he explained.

He expressed hope that local residents of Nusantara would be able to seize opportunities offered by the planned capital city relocation to become part of economic, social, and cultural transformations.

The OIKN head further affirmed that the government would change the residential status of local people on their ID cards, from being residents of Sepaku Sub-district to residents of IKN Nusantara.

Earlier, on March 30, Susantono said that it would be easier for residents holding the Nusantara City ID Card to get job opportunities in the future capital city of Indonesia.

He also noted that those holding Nusantara ID cards would also be offered a range of training and mentoring activities.

"Residents with Nusantara ID cards will be encouraged to comprehend digital technology to raise their digital literacy, which is in line with the vision of Indonesia's new capital as a smart city," he remarked.

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