Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan RB), Abdullah Azwar Anas, said on Wednesday that the road map for the "smart government" system in the new capital Nusantara (IKN) will run optimally.

In general, it has been adjusted to the transfer and placement of civil servants (ASNs) to IKN in the first five years of the transfer, or the 2024–2029 period.

The ministry has prepared a recommendation for a plan to transfer ASNs to IKN, he said.

"So, for the first five years, starting with the first phase, the focus will be on preparing a miniature government administration," Anas informed.

He added that the ASNs participating in the first phase will be included in the first transfer priority category.

In the first phase, the government will focus on moving work units crucial for effective government operations and supporting the president and vice president in IKN.

In the first phase, the ASNs on duty will follow digital work patterns and flexible working arrangements (FWA).

The second phase will involve the implementation of the office and service sharing system.

The ASNs transferred during this phase will be included in the second priority category of ASN, which also includes civil servant candidates selected in 2024.

They will also be drawn from the East Kalimantan provincial government through the ASN transfer route.

The office and service sharing system will be implemented in an integrated manner at IKN, starting with the presence of additional ASNs in the second phase.

"Now, the final phase is the implementation of smart government. We have prepared directions for the transfer through phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3. Of course, this will follow developments in building readiness," Anas said.

In more detail, the implementation of smart government will begin to be strengthened in the final period, or around 2029, and will start with the transfer of ASNs into the third priority transfer category.

In the third phase, smart government will not only be implemented in IKN but also in Jakarta.

Once the three phases are completed, the government will prepare further steps, including creating an Agile Smart Government system that is more agile and has been tested.

"We are also preparing a long-term design, which will last until the fifth phase. This creates an agile government system design realized with government support that utilizes technology such as artificial intelligence and others," he added.

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