Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Environment and Forestry (LHK) Ministry is ready to hold the Environmental Control Festival 2024 on April 23-24 to encourage regions to help Indonesia boost the national score in the environmental quality index (IKLH).

At a press conference in Jakarta on Friday, LHK Ministry's Director General of Pollution and Environmental Damage Controls, Sigit Reliantoro, stated that the festival will feature a technical working meeting to guide regions to partake in achieving an IKLH score of 76 this year.

"During the meeting, we will agree on striving to achieve the target. Of course, many will ask how to accomplish it. Hence, directors at the ministry will provide guidance," he remarked.

Reliantoro stated that the planned festival aims to remind parties of the need for cross-sectoral collaboration involving the government, business entities, and the public to deal with environmental issues.

He further noted that the festival, planned to take place at the LHK Ministry Building, would bring together various stakeholders to establish cooperation in addressing pollution and rehabilitating the environment.

He remarked that the technical coordination meeting will draw participation from around 800 delegates representing regional governments, business entities, communities, and the public.

Reliantoro stated that apart from the meeting, the Environmental Control Festival will also feature an exhibition, an environmental diplomacy discussion involving young people, an awarding ceremony, as well as art and cultural performances.

He then expressed hope that the festival would help the government and other stakeholders to exchange insights and broaden their networks to protect the environment.

"Resources are not limited to money. Instead, we are hoping for more knowledge and broader networks," he stated.

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Translator: Prisca T, Tegar Nurfitra
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