Singapore, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- MediThinQ, the Korean startup pioneering extended reality (XR) wearable displays for surgical applications, unveils its groundbreaking SCOPEYE 3D Micro Surgery Solution. This innovative microsurgery solution leverages the latest Eyes Up Display technology to enhance precision across medical specialties, revolutionising depth perception and spatial awareness without the need for eyepieces.

The SCOPEYE 3D Micro Surgery Solution comprises the SCOPEYE Eyes Up wearable display, the 3D Microvision, a light and portable high-performance 3D digital microscope, and the 3D AddON, a device that elevates conventional 2D microscopes to advanced 3D capabilities. Offering exceptional performance, mobility, and space efficiency while maintaining a minimalist design aesthetic, it empowers surgeons to perform 3D procedures wherever needed. Its portability makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including microsurgery, plastic surgery, dental procedures, ophthalmology, hair transplant surgery, and dermatology.

The benefits of the SCOPEYE 3D Micro Surgery Solution are manifold. With high-resolution 3D optics, surgeons gain unparalleled visual clarity and depth perception, enhancing their precision and accuracy during procedures. Additionally, the solution offers significant cost efficiencies, maximised ergonomic comfort, and advanced features such as 3D recording and training capabilities, further enhancing patient care and surgical outcomes.

Propelling MediThinQ's growth forward, Chris Lee, Founder & CEO of VentureBlick, assumes the role Chairman of the Board of MediThinQ, marking a pivotal moment in MediThinQ's journey. With a remarkable 30-year career spanning top global pharmaceutical and medtech companies, Chris brings extensive experience and leadership to the table.

In a strategic move to deepen their collaboration, MediThinQ and VentureBlick have entered a cross-ownership agreement. With this arrangement, both companies will own stakes in each other's shares, reaffirming their commitment to mutual advancement and success.

MediThinQ and VentureBlick's partnership began when MediThinQ joined VentureBlick's Super Incubator programme. With VentureBlick's support, MediThinQ achieved key milestones. Now, their bond has deepened even further, marking a significant moment for both companies.

Chris Lee, Founder & CEO of VentureBlick said: "MediThinQ's solutions deliver tangible medical value, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them on an even deeper level to enhance surgical visualisation, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes. Our partnership will accelerate MediThinQ's growth further and pave the way for pioneering advancements in the field of extended reality for surgical applications."

Seungjoon Im, Founder & CEO of MediThinQ, said: "Our SCOPEYE 3D Mirco Surgery Solution sets a new standard and is a strong addition to our offerings as we ramp up our global commercialisation efforts. We're grateful to Chris for accepting the role of Chairman of our Board. With his vast international experience, he is the undoubtedly the ideal person to bring MediThinQ to new heights."

MediThinQ's journey from a visionary startup to a global leader is marked by significant milestones. As the first Asian startup to globally launch XR surgical displays, the company has garnered attention and accolades worldwide. Securing major deals with industry giants in the USA, Japan, Australia, and Europe, is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of MediThinQ's offerings, positioning the company as a frontrunner in the global healthcare landscape.

MediThinQ is currently raising its Series B fund while exploring IPO options in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, and North America. It is setting the stage for potential early exits through strategic acquisitions or accelerated commercial growth.

Source: VentureBlick

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