Singapore, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- On June 16-17, Tan Xuguang presided over a strategic meeting in Singapore dedicated to Weichai's Southeast Asia market export initiatives. The session included an in-depth review of the company's export performance for the first half of the year and outlined strategies to enhance exports in the latter half. The meeting involved comprehensive analysis of emerging challenges, inconsistencies, and prospects associated with exporting marine power and power generation equipment across Southeast Asia. Additionally, discussions also cover strategic top-level planning for business transformation, organizational restructuring, and team development.

Efforts are underway to comprehensively upgrade product offerings and enhance brand presence in the Southeast Asian market. Tan Xuguang listened to work reports from leaders overseeing Weichai's operations in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, and other key regions. He emphasized, "I've come prepared with a strategic 'battle plan'. Together, we must excel in this transformative journey." Weichai's strategy in Southeast Asia focuses on key markets, products, and channels, accelerating the shift from traditional to innovative products and from low-value to high-value offerings. The strategy also emphasizes expanding service offerings alongside products. The strategy includes leveraging Weichai's latest and most competitive high-power engines to capitalize on opportunities in the power generation and marine power sectors, aiming for significant breakthroughs, enhancements, and market leadership.

Weichai's Singapore office is tasked with playing a pivotal role. Tan Xuguang meticulously reviewed recent work reports from the Singapore office, making decisions on critical initiatives in the Southeast Asian market. He underscored, "Our Singapore office must fully leverage its role as a hub in the Asia-Pacific market, utilizing a comprehensive and robust management and service system to further expand and strengthen regional product exports."

Source: Weichai Power Co.,Ltd

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