Jakarta (ANTARA) - House member Maman Imanul Haq explicated about several evaluations regarding the implementation of 2024 Hajj, including cases related to the uses of non-Hajj visas and delays in Hajj flight departure.

"First, of course, related to the visa process. We know that some of the citizens use non-Hajj visas, and that is the reason for deportation cases," he stated at a discussion titled “Democratic Dialectics related to the Evaluation and Notes on the 2024 Hajj Implementation” here on Thursday.

Haq, who attended the meeting virtually, remarked that some Hajj pilgrims failed to meet the Hajj worship health standards, though this came to light just before departure, thereby causing a cancellation or delay in the process.

Furthermore, he highlighted that the addition of a Hajj quota of 20 thousand for Indonesia increased the figure from 221 thousand to 241 thousand pilgrims, though the realization was not considered to be transparent.

"Prevent some irresponsible individuals who trade quota, which shifts the system. This makes people who should depart (to Holy Land) lose to people who can afford to pay more," he pointed out.

Haq thereafter also drew attention to the delays in Hajj flight departure, especially by Garuda Indonesia, which reached 60 percent of the total delays.

Furthermore, he assessed that the catering and hotel services prepared for pilgrims were not in accordance with the criteria set by the Hajj Work Committee.

Moreover, according to a report he received, 40 percent of the bathrooms in the Hajj worship locations were not usable, and the tents set up in Arafat were overcrowded.

"It is important for us to improve Hajj service delivery in the future. We will continue to collect these evaluation notes and ask questions about these aspects to the Ministry of Religious Affairs as the organizer of Hajj, according to the Hajj Law's mandate," he stated.

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