Medan, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Former Indonesian migrant worker in Saudi Arabia, Nuryati Sulapari, has successfully realized her dream as a lecturer which can make people consider the presence of migrant workers a positive thing, a sociologist, Badaruddin, said here Wednesday.

The sociologist from the University of North Sumatra (USU) said here Wednesday that the success of Nuryati needed to become a model for other Indonesian migrant workers.

"The achievement of Nuryati is a historical record for migrant workers since it has raised the dignity of Indonesian migrant workers known as second rate," he said.

Moreover, he said, the success of Nuryati also brought good image for Indonesia. It was rare so that it should be promoted to encourage other migrant workers, especially in Saudi Arabia.

"By this success, the bosses of our migrant workers can longer underestimate them," the Professor at Social and Political Science from USU said.

Because, he said, so far people considered them as second rate persons that could be treated badly by their employers. But instead, what Nuryati had experienced of getting her bachelor`s degree while working as migrant worker in Saudi Arabia was a great success.

Her Arabian boss was so kind because of paying her wages on time and permitting her conduct her study, and the success of Nuryati was also caused by her boss` support.

Therefore, the Saudi Arabia government awarded Nuryati for her achievement and hard work in reaching the bachelor`s degree.

"So, I think it`s normal when the government awarded and appreciated her much and I hope it could be an encouragement to other Indonesian migrant workers to follow suit," he said.

In the past the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Jakarta on behalf of the government delivered an award to Nuryati Sulapari as her achievement in finishing her study and now become a lecturer.

Arabian Deputy to Indonesia Majed Abdulaziz Al-Dayel gave the award, Tuesday (28/12) in an event attended by an official of Manpower and Transmigration Ministry Abdul Wahid Maktub.

"Ms. Nuryati is a hero and she deserved the award for her persistence," Al-Dayel said in his remark.(*)

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