Ternate naval patrol watch illegal fishing in n Maluku

Ternate, N Maluku (ANTARA News) -- The Naval base in Ternate, North Maluku, will place its security personnel in N Maluku waters to prevent illegal fishing operations and sea pollution.

Ternate Naval Base chief Colonel Untung Sukoco said here Saturday in 2010 three illegal fishing operations had been firmly dealt with by the navy around Ternate.

The three fishing boats arrested by naval control of Ternate came from the Philippines for fishing in Halmahera and Morotai islands.

Now the illegal fishing case of the Philippine boats are being processed by a district court in Ternate.

An anticipation, the navy has sent out three warships every day to watch over the North Maluku waters.

While facing a shortage of naval patrol boats, Untung said he had also hired long boats for patrol. (*)