Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA News) - Bali`s non-oil/gas exports last year reached 519.91 million US dollars, a 3.4 pct increase from the 502.54 million US dollars a year earlier.

"The 2010 forex earning exceeded the set 515.8 million US dollars," publication and documentation head of the Bali provincial administration I Ketut Teneng said here Tuesday.

He said the performance was also thanks to the dispatch of household handicraft items to various other countries reaching 215.28 million US dollars, and small industrial products 180.21 million US dollars.

Also the contribution from farming sector, especially fisheries and plantations 119.76 million US dollars, and other exports 3.75 million US dollars.

Ketut Teneng also said that Bali`s exports in the last five years (2006-2010) continued to increase by 3.48 pct per year.

Bali`s non-oil/gas exports in 2006 reached 458.79 million US dollars, up by 9.87 pct to 501.05 million US dollars in the following year to 553.63 million US dollars, or up by nine pct in 2008.

In the meantime in 2009 the exports reached 502.54 million US dollars, a drop of 9.26 pct from the year earlier due to the economic crisis in many countries of potential markets of Bali`s products.

"On an average in the last five years Bali`s exports increased 3.48 pct, playing a very important role in raising the economy in Bali," Ketut Tenen said.

Bali`s exporters had been making breakthroughs expanding new markets in the Middle East. Of 83 destination countries, 10 are main markets, including the US, Japan, France, Italy, Australia, Spain, the UK, and South Africa, Ketut Teneng said. (*)

Editor: Kunto Wibisono
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