Geothermal less risky than nuclear

Geothermal less risky than nuclear

(REUTERS/Thierry Roge)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The use of geothermal energy poses fewer risks than nuclear power, a number of activists said here on Wednesday.

Muhammad Ridho, one of the activists grouped in the Care Unit Geothermal Power Plant, said at an Indonesian Renovation Forum that geothermal energy potential should be prioritized because it is less risky than nuclear energy.

He said Indonesia had the largest source of geothermal energy in the world that serves as a potential strategy for non-military national defense.

"The risk in the utilization of geothermal energy is less than that of nuclear power, and geothermal pressure control can reduce and inhibit the occurrence of volcanic eruption," he said.

For the sake of security and national interests and welfare of the people, Muhammad Ridho said the state should wisely control the geothermal energy to ensure continuous availability of power supply.

Therefore he added that the government and the House of Representatives should continue to encourage the regions with geothermal energy to form regionally owned enterprises.

"Indonesia`s geothermal energy potential which is the largest in the world should serve as a golden opportunity to become the `Center of Excellence` in the field of energy," he said.