Ministry proposes Chinese loans for ten infrastructure projects

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Public Works Ministry said it has proposed that ten infrastructure projects worth US$863.07 million should be financed with loans from China and be realized in 2013.

Public Works Ministry`s Planning Bureau Chief Taufik Wedjoyono said here on Thursday the ten projects included the construction of a dam project in East Nusa Tenggara worth 125.9 million dollars, the Pandanduri dam worth 52.75 million dollars, Jambo Aye Multi project valued at 36 million dollars, Belang-belang arterial road amounting to 60 million dollars and the Panajam bridge in Balang island worth 150.43 dollars.

The other projects are the Solo-Kertosono toll road worth 300 million dollars, the reconstruction of a bridge project worth 45 million dollars, consultation cost for Chinese-financed projects valued at 40 million dollars, Batam-Bintang bridge technical assistance worth 3 million dollars and water supply and sanitation project in Bandung valued at 50 million dollars.

He said that the proposal for the loans had been tabled and was now being under process. It was expected to be realized in 2013.

"We see that there is a big potential for loans with the Chinese government that could be used to build infrastructure," he added.