Sabang to host sail tourism event in September

Sabang to host sail tourism event in September

(ANTARA/Irwansyah Putra)

Banda Aceh, Aceh Province (ANTARA News) - Sabang Municipality, Aceh Province, will host an international sail tourism event in September 2011.

"We have made several preparations to welcome the guests and make the event a success," Islamuddin, the deputy mayor of Sabang, said here Saturday.

The sail race will be participated by around 50 ships coming among other things from Phuket (Thailand), Langkawi (Malaysia) and Sabang, Aceh Province, Indonesia.

Each ship will have around 15 crew members and the race will start from Sabang Bay, Islamuddin said.

"In addition to the sail race, we will also organize a number of interesting touristic activities among other things to enjoy the beauty of Aceh`s nature and culture," he said.

The event`s participants will also visit Banda Aceh, after staying for three days in Sabang.

"In Banda Aceh, the participants will visit interesting places packed in a `tsunami` tourism," he said.

Gapang and Iboih located in Sabang, around 14 miles off Banda Aceh, have enchanting underwater scenery, according to Islamuddin.

The Sabang administration has set a target of attracting at least 10,000 tourists annually.

Tourism and the fishery sector is potential to increase the revenue of Sabang, he said.