Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said efforts must be made to arrest illegal wood buyers abroad to complement the illegal logging eradication campaign at home.

"The two endeavors (illegal logging eradication and efforts to arrest illegal wood buyers abroad) will determine the success of the drive to combat illegal logging in Indonesia," the president said in his address at the commemoration of World Environment Day at the State Palace here on Tuesday.

"Actually there are many illegal wood buyers abroad. If we want to overcome the (deforestation) problem at home we must prevent illegal wood buyers abroad from purchasing illegal or non-kosher wood and wood that cannot be sold abroad," the president said.

Indonesia has been quite serious in preserving its environment and eradicating illegal logging activity, Yudhohono said.

The head of state also urged all parties to maintain Indonesia`s position which the international world believes to be a strong commitment to conserve the environment, primary forests in particular.

"Let us continue to maintain this commitment so that Indonesia can become a `global champion` in environmental preservation which will certainly be good for us all," he said.

On the occasion, the president reminded all parties that the efforts to solve the impact of climate change required cooperation among many parties in global forums.

One of the efforts is how to preserve the forests in a bid to support the life on the earth as the theme on the 2011 world environment day commemoration.

According to Yudhoyono, the developing countries in principle committed and have a special budget to maintain their tropical forests.

The ability of developing countries, however, certainly limited because they should set aside some portion of the budget to improve the welfare of their society, he cited.

It will be fair if the world also contribute to efforts of the countries that really wish to protect and preserve their forests, President Yudhoyono added. (B003/B/HAJM/17:58/f001)


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