Geneva (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in his message in the ILO Golden Book hoped Indonesia and the International Labor Organization (ILO) would work together to build a good future and new era of social justice.

"We all are sharing a dream of a better world for workers," the President wrote in the golden book at the ILO office in Genera on Tuesday.

The President defined a better world as a world in which the workers enjoy their rights and observe their obligations.

The President also appreciated ILO Director General Juan Somavia and ILO`s contribution to Indonesia.

"Indonesia will remain committed and a reliable partner in making the dream come true," he said.

President Yudhoyono was at the ILO office to meet an invitation to a dinner from Somavia. He filled the ILO Golden Book with messages for all the heads of state/government on a visit to ILO. The ILO Golden Book was reportedly to have been used since the 1920s.

The President was on a two-day visit to Geneva to deliver a speech at the 100th ILO conference.

Before Yudhoyono, those making a speech include Finish President Tarja Kaaarina Halonen, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.

Each heads of state/government conveyed their views on the grand theme of the 100th ILO conference, namely "Building a Future With Decent Work".

In his speech President Yudhoyono asked all countries to protect the rights of migrant workers employed in the domestic sector.

Yudhoyono said the theme on migrant workers is very important.

He said some 150 million migrant workers all over the world, playing an important role in maintaining social justice.

Yudhoyono pointed out that each country cannot ignore the contribution of migrant workers to the world work force market.

The President expressed optimism that the ILO convention would provide a guide for countries receiving migrant workers to give them adequate protection, especially those employed in the domestic sector.(*)

Editor: Aditia Maruli Radja
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