Bekasi, West Java (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on clerics on Monday to play a role in the effort to lead those gone astray to return to the right teachings.

"Moslems must unite to lead and guide back those gone astray and deviating from Islamic teachings and in this case clerics as well as preachers and Islamic schools play a very important role," he said when dedicating the Education and Training Center of the Indonesia Islamic Propagation Council (DDII) in Setia Mekar village, Tambun, Bekasi, West Java.

President Yudhoyono said Moslems are facing three challenges namely injustice, poverty and incorrect perception by some of the world`s community members that has caused Islamophobia, terrorism, and violence by few that deviate from Islamic teachings.

He said Moslems must fight to get justice using smart and correct means without creating new problems that would only hurt Islam.

"Moslems could fight through various forums and opportunities such as the Organization of Islamic Conference, the United Nations and others," he said.

He said Moslems also had to choose dialogs with all parties in the world that have so far had wrong perception of Islam.

"The efforts must be taken continuously. Islamic leaders must be active and proactive and play a role in them," he said.

President Yudhoyono appealed to Moslems to be more united to build a new world order which is more secure, just and prosperous and to increase education and economy.

He said Moslems also had to be united and actively and continuously make efforts to straighten out wrong opinions and perceptions on Islam through various means such as the media, books or propagation media.

"We know Islam indeed has high teachings and values and we certainly hope that the teachings and values would be implemented in the life of all Moslems," he said.

The DDII center consists of the Natsir Institute of Propagation Building, library, mosque and office building.

The facilities are built with aid from the Saudi Kingdom. The ceremony was also attended by the Saudi minister for Islamic affairs, propagation and waqaf, Saleh bin Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad Syaikh.

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