Fantasia wins Darwin-Ambon yacht rally

Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA News) - Fantasia, the yacht led by Skipper Andrew Stransky has won the Darwin-Ambon International Race and Rally 2011 as it was the first to reach the finish line at Amahusu village beach, Ambon, on July 25.

The boat from Brisbane, Australia, recorded 57.37 hours after sailing at a total distance of 634 nautical miles or 1,174.68 kilometers from Darwin (Australia) to Ambon, Maluku Province.

The boat with a crew of five, however, failed to break the record made by Zuma captained by John Punch which reached the finish line after sailing for 53.29 hours in 1998.

Since the flag off at Darwin seaport, north Australia, on Saturday (July 23), Fantasia had been leading by taking an advantage from the wind blowing at a velocity of 14 knots per hour. The boat also came out as the winner for the category of racing multihull division.

By winning in the two categories, Fantasia is entitled to a challenge cup of the Indonesian tourism and culture minister and a bonus of 750 US dollars.

Before participating in the Darwin-Ambon Yacht Race and Rally, which has been organized since 1976, Fantasia won one of the categories competing in the Visit Indonesia Fremantle-Bali International Yacht Race 2011.

In the multihull division racing category, Fantasia was followed by Breakaway 6 captained by Alan Chalk who won a trophy and a bonus of 450 US dollars, and Kuching captained by Bruce Panting who won a trophy and 300 US dollars.

For the Monohull Racing (IRC), the winner was Game Set captained by John Mulkearns who won a trophy from the Darwin government and 1,000 US dollars, followed by Australian Maid captained by John Wardil and Xscape captained by Andrew Boller.

In the Monohull Racing Cruising category, the winner was Kind of Blue captained by Dick Van der Waaij from the Netherlands, followed by Maralinga captained by John Jordan, and Shady Lady captained by Peter Richard Charles.

Walk On The Wild Side captained by skipper Garth Curran received a special prize for breaking the record by arriving at the finish line in 64.05 minutes, or 4.52 minutes faster than the previous record of 68.57 minutes in 1997.

Raucous captained by Bob Colman won the category of the best yacht, and Wicked captained by Dan Foley won the rally category.

This year`s yacht rally and race of Darwin-Ambon which are sister cities, was participated in by 19 boats.

There were two non-participating yachts, namely Parley captained by Ray Jones and Scot Free II captained by Barrie Morgan, which arrived at Amahusu beach on Sunday (July 24).  (*)