Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) has called on governments all over the world to stop constructing dams on the ground they will lead to human rights violation and environmental destruction.

"The time has come for governments all over the world to stop constructing dams. Not only do the dams have low effectiveness, but also they will give rise to human rights violations and environmental destruction in the long run," the forum said in a press statement on Tuesday.

The forum was responding to Brazil`s plan to build its Belo Mento dam.

According to the press statement, tens of people from different civil organizations came to the Brazilian embassy some time ago to convey a written statement expressing their concern about forced construction of Belo Mento dam.

They feared the construction of the giant dam would destroy Amazon forests and the Xingu river and threaten communal community, farmers and fishermen living along the river.

If the Brazilian government pushed through the construction of the dam, nearly 80 percent of Xingu`s water would be diverted to the man-made reservoir, the forum said.

"We are very concerned about destructive social and environmental consequences if Belo Monte dam is to be built, particularly those related to the fate of communal community and other communities living along Xingu river known as "big bend", the Walhi manager for water and food campaigns, Islah said.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government itself is planning to build 19 new dams in the period 2010-2014.

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