Five RI students from Libya reenrolled at Padjadjaran University

Bandung, West Java (ANTARA News) - At least five Indonesian college students who were evacuated from Libya have chosen to continue their studies at West Java`s Padjajaran University (Unpad).

The five were forced to return to Indonesia as the government had instructed all Indonesian citizens in Libya to return home.

"Under the government`s instruction, all Indonesian students in Libya had to repatriate and be reenrolled at a number of universities in Indonesia, one of them being Padjadjaran University," Unpad spokesperson Weny Widyowati said here Tuesday.

The Indonesian students were evacuated from Libya because the security conditions in the country became increasingly unfavorable due to the political upheaval that had been occurring since last March.

Therefore, the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of National Education also provided assistance to students to be able to continue their studies at Indonesian universities.

Weny said five of the Indonesian students evacuated from Libya had chosen Unpad as the institution where they would continue their studies.

The five students would continue their studies in Unpad`s Arabic literature and economic departments, Weny said.

The National Education Ministry was also providing scholarships in the form of monthly allowances and tuition fees for them.

The five students, namely Hidayatullah Negarawan El-Islamy (Arabic Literature), Hendi Nugraha (Faculty of Economics), Gelar Digjaya Muhammad (Faculty of Economics), Anisatul Fadhilah (Arabic Literature), and M. Miftakhur Risal (Arabic Literature) used to study at the Islamic Call College in Tripoli.