London (ANTARA News) - An evacuation team of the Indonesian embassy in Tunis monitoring the situation in Libya, managed to resume contact with Indonesians in Libya and evacuate some of them from that country, the embassy said.

The telephone line between Tunis and Tripoli (Libya) had been cut off from August 16 to 22 and from August 23 to 24, according to the embassy`s press statement received by ANTARA News here Thursday.

The embassy said there were 19 Indonesians in Tripoli and their number may increase if more Indonesians reported themselves to the embassy following the restoration of the telephone line.

For security reasons in Tripoli, the Indonesian embassy in Tunis called on Indonesians to stay home while waiting for instructions from the evacuation team for evacuation from Tripoli to Tunisia.

Several Indonesian migrant workers said on Thursday the condition in Tripoli is very tight due to the city war and the situation became worse because of a blackout and water supply scarcity.

They said they heard bombs day and night in the past several days especially after the opposition troops entered Tripoli.

The war continued although the opposition troops claimed that they had grabbed the stronghold of pro-Gadhafi troops in al-Aziziyah and set free foreign journalists held at Hotel Rixos since several days ago.

The Indonesian embassy in Tunis also managed to contact Muhammad Abdelhafiz, a Indonesian embassy staffer in Tripoli. Abdelhafiz was expected to continue coordinating the evacuation team.

The evacuation team said that Tunisia which lies on the border shared with Libya was closed since last Monday indefinitely. Tunisian security personnel only allowed injured people to enter Tunisia.

Indonesians in Libya under monitoring of the evacuation team include Suahemi bt Paiman alias Emi, Meliasari bt Dudun Sapja alias Melly Garut, Berry, Noura, Eliyawati, Fatimah, Rohartini, Nafiko, Artiyah, Kholifah, Muna, Ana, Ani, Asiah, Dian, Parjiah, Nini, Maryati and Daryati.

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