Singapore tourists greeted with Tor-tor dance in Samosir

Singapore tourists greeted with Tor-tor dance in Samosir

(ANTARA/Irsan Mulyadi)

Samosir, North Sumatra (ANTARA News) - A traditional Tor-tor dance performance marked the welcoming ceremony for a group of holidaymakers from Singapore in Samosir district, North Sumatra, on Thursday.

Deputy Samosir District Head Mangadap Sinaga said in Samosir district capital of Panguruan on Thursday that the tourists from Singapore were greeted with Tor-tor dance performance at Huta Balon museum in Simanindo sub-district.

"The Singapore holidaymakers visited Huta Balon museum to enjoy various types of Tor-tor dance and they even got involved in the performance," Sinaga said.

Sinaga said the foreign tourists were fascinated by the Tor-tor dance with its unique and specific body movements when they visited the Huta Balon museum.

The building housing the museum was entirely traditional in style and formerly a private house of a wealthy Batak king, Rajah Simalungun who had 14 wives and countless children.

The Huta Bolon Museum contains a large collection of exhibits that include brass cooking utensils, Batak carvings, Chinese and Dutch ceramics, various weapons, paintings and sculptures.

He said typical dance from North Sumatra really entertained the Singapore tourists.

To show his appreciation to his guests, Sinaga invited the tourists from Singapore to lunch at the Toledo Inn Hotel at Tuktuk Siadong in Simanindo sub-district.

Sinaga said he was happy and always welcomed outsiders who had come to Samosir island to enjoy its tourist attractions.

He expressed hope that his guests from Singapore would help promote Samosir tourist potential to their family members and relatives upon returning to their country.

Meanwhile, John, one of the tourists, said he was was amazed by the culture of Batak Toba and deeply impressed with the natural beauty of Samosir island.