Spice Road to be registered on heritage list

Tehran (ANTARA News/IRNA) - Spice Road, which dates back to 400 years, has been studied by cultural heritage experts from Fars province.

The road is to be registered on Iran?s National Heritage List in the near future.

This ancient road was established in Bandar Abbas during the Safavid era. It passes through the cities of Lar and Jahrom, and terminates in Isfahan.

There is a water reservoir and two caravanserais near Chahtalkh Village, Mehr News Agency reported.

Then the road becomes arduous and impassable. The stone-paved road is considered an engineering and road building masterpiece.

In ancient times, merchants used to transfer commodities such as textiles and spices from India to Bandar Abbas. Then they transferred the products to other cities, including Isfahan.

Therefore, the road was named "Spice Road".

Currently, only five km of the road in Jahrom have been found intact, of which one km is stone paved.

Remnants of historical monuments are seen along the road.

According to some experts, a bridge had been constructed during the Safavid era. But, unfortunately, no trace has been left of them.

French traveler John Chardin (1643-1713), who crossed Spice Road in 1680, has written in his travelogue that Alborz Mountain, is considered the most arduous mount in Iran.

"A stone-paved road with a width of four paces is the only way to pass the mountain," he said.