It is a historical landmark"
Nusa Dua, Bali (ANTARA News) - Indonesia`s Supreme Audit Board (BPK) Chief Hadi Poernomo and Auditor General of Vietnam`s State Audit Office Dinh Tien Dung signed a memorandum of understanding on bilateral cooperation in public sector auditing here on Wednesday.

"As a member of the public sector auditing community, our primary mandate is to audit state financea in order to implement good governance that is centered on transparency, accountability, economics, efficiency, and state financial effectiveness," Hadi said as quoted on the official website of the 19th ASEAN Summit.

The MOU signing ceremony was attended by among others Vietnamese ambassador to Indonesia Nguyen Xuan Thuy.

Hadi said that the MOU signing was in line with the spirit of cooperation and coincided with the establishment of ASEAN Supreme Audit Institutions (ASEANSAI).

According to Hadi, this cooperation is based on equality and beneficial reciprocity with due regard to domestic laws. Common cultural backgrounds, needs, and future challenges formed the basis of mutual capacity building through the sharing of knowledge and experience in trainings, workshops, seminars, and parallel audits.

"I hope, the Indonesian Supreme Audit Board and State Audit Office of Vietnam will build a synergy that will yield better results compared to if activities are to be carried out independently," he affirmed.

Auditor General Dinh Tien Dung said that the signing of the MOU was significant because the two countries could exchange knowledge, experiences, and professional experts in order to enhance auditors` professional standards and research management.

"The signing of this MoU is a historical landmark as it coincides with the formation of the ASEAN Supreme Audit Institution (ASEANSAI). I believe that this bilateral cooperation will not only be beneficial for both countries but also for ASEANSAI," he said.(*)


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