Three terror suspects arrested in Central Sulawesi

Three  terror suspects arrested in Central Sulawesi

Brigadier General Dewa Parsana. (ANTARA/Basri Marzuki)

Palu (ANTARA News) - Central Sulawesi police arrested three people allegedly involved in terrorism in Palu on Friday.

"We have arrested three. We are still looking for one more suspect," Central Sulawesi Police Chief Brigadier General Dewa Parsana said.

He said the police had confiscated firearms during the arrest. "In short, there are firearms involved whether they are short guns or rifles I still do not know as the arrest has just been made," he said.

He declined to tell the place where the three had been arrested. "In short, they are arrested in Palu," he said.

He also declined to mention their names. "They are still being verified," he said.

A police officer said the three were arrested not far from the residences of the Central Sulawesi regional police chief and deputy regional police chief. He however could not confirm if they had been made targets.

The last case of terrorism in the region was on May 2011 when three police officers on duty at a national private bank in Palu were shot leaving two of them dead and another one wounded.

Tens of suspects have been arrested and some were killed while police making arrests so far but some of the suspects remained at large.

One of them is Upik Lawanga who has skills in making bombs. Upik is believed to have been involved in various cases of terrorism in the country including a case of suicide bombing at Bethel Injil Sepenuh Church in Solo, Central Java on September 25, 2011.