Medan, North Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The Immigrant Detention house in Belawan, North Sumatra is still searching for two Afghan illegal immigrants who have escaped from Pantai Cermin, Serdang Bedagai district, an immigrant detention affairs official said.

Bambang Widodo, head of the Belawan Immigrant Detention center said here on Wednesday that the two illegal immigrants who escaped were identified as Muhammad Zaman and Amullah.

The two were part of eleven Afghan illegal immigrants who escaped on Thursday (Nov 17) when they got together at Pantai Cermin, by a foreign Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Widodo said.

The immigrants were missing only after they were receiving meals. At the moment, they were only 78 out of the normal 89, and 11 missing.

According to Widodo, his staffers and the police continued the search for the missing immigrants.

Widodo also said that 24 of the illegal immigrants came from Myanmar and 8 from Sri Lanka.

Previously, the police in Jambi province also arrested 31 Afghan immigrants at 7.30 pm on Thursday (Nov.11), Jambi Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Yassir said on Friday.

"The police arrested 31 Afghan immigrants because they did not have passports and other official documents," Yassir said.

According to him, the all male illegal immigrants 20 to 40 years old left their country to Jakarta from Thailand and Malaysia, but the police arrested them when they arrived in Jambi.

Yassir said their main destination was Australia, but they wanted a stop over in Indonesia before proceeding to Australia.(*)

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