Sampang (ANTARA News) - The leader of Sampang`s Shiite community, Ustat Tajul Muluk, came to the district`s police station on Friday to demand the immediate arrest of the perpetrators of Thursday`s torching of a Shiite school building.

Mohammad Haddun Alhaddad, Tajul`s lawyer who accompanied his client, told reporters " we came to the Sampang district police office to ask for the immediate arrest of those who burned down the Islamic madrasah because until now none of them has been caught."

He said the conflict between Shiite and Sunni Muslims that happened last Thursday at Karang Gayam village in Sampang district could no longer be treated as a quarrel between two families because it had led to human right violations.

Therefore, the police had to adopt a firm stand on the incident, especially because it had adversely affected many people, he said.

"Hundreds of Karang Gayang residents now live in fear and were forced to spend the night at an evacuation center because of the arson. Why have police until now not arrested any of the arsonists," Haddun Al-Haddad said.

The Shiite community was upset not only at the police`s lack of firmness in responding to the incident but also at the fact that

in the mob action Korans, Muslim education facilities and a prayer house were torched.

"These actions clearly are human right violations," Haddun said.

Earlier, the Sampang district police chief had said police had so far not arrested anybody over Thursday`s arsonist actions because they were still being investigated.

As many as 167 Shiite families or 351 people had to be evacuated from their homes when a Sunni mob rampaged through the village and destroyed Shiite facilities on Thursday (Dec 30).

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