Two police officers were injured, and some of their clothes tore during the fight."
Kalianda (ANTARA News) - The police in South Lampung, Lampung province, shot a drug dealer named Mulharyadi after he resisted arrest and injured an officer.

"The suspect is a drug kingpin who lived in Waydadi in Sukarame sub-district, Bandarlampung," Chief of Lampung Resort Police Senior Adjunct Commissioner Hengki said here on Monday.

Mulharyadi died en route to the hospital due to severe bleeding.

Officers have delivered his body to his family to be buried.

The police shot the suspect in his thigh on Saturday. Hengki added that the shooting was in accordance with procedures as the suspect had tried to steal a weapon from a police officer.

"Two police officers were injured, and some of their clothes tore during the fight," Hengki pointed out.

In addition, they seized 43 grams of methamphetamine, which was brought to Katibung from Bandarlampung by the suspect.

"Four drug packages were found in the suspects pocket. Two other packages were found by local people near the site (of the incident)," Hengki stated.

Furthermore, Chief of the Drug Unit of the South Lampung Resort Police First Inspector M. Rhobby Syahferry noted that the police first took Mulharyadi to Katibung Health Center. However, as he was bleeding profusely, they decided to take him to Bob Bazar Regional Hospital for treatment.

Moreover, the police will conduct further investigation into the suspects drug trafficking activities by utilizing the information gathered from his cell phone.

"We also seized two cell phones and a motorcycle," Syahferry said.

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