Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian embassy in Wellington will send home seven Indonesian survivors of a burnt South Korean ship after being treated in New Zealand, Indonesia`s top envoy in the South Pacific country said.

"They will most likely be returned home first to recover because psychologically they have been traumatized by their experience," Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand Agus Sriyono said when contacted from Jakarta on Friday.

The seven Indonesian crew members of the South Korean fishing ship which caught fire in the Ross waters near New Zealand were Hartoyo, Ferilando Alfonso, Maryanto, Victor Sopacua, Jant Je Sopacua, Sutrisno and Domssi Sitaniapessy.

"They came from Maluku, Pemalang (Central Java) and Indramayu (West Java)," Agus said.

He said the Indonesian embassy in Wellington, New Zealand, was coordinating with the foreign ministry in Jakarta to contact their families.

The South Korean fishing ship, the Jeong Woo 2 , caught fire in the Ross waters, 3,704 kilometers southeast of New Zealand, on Wednesday morning (January 11).

Agus said the Indonesian embassy would meet the ship`s representative in New Zealand to discuss fulfillment of the rights of the crew members and the cost of their medical treatment.

"The fishing boat`s operator must show its responsibility and shoulder their medical expenses," the ambassador said.

"The Indonesian embassy keeps coordinating with the security authorities in New Zealand," he added.

Seven of the 40 crew members of Jeong Woo 2 are Indonesian citizens and they have all been evacuated. All of the crew members who survived the incident are currently being treated at the US research ship Nathanie B Palmer. Three crew died in the incident.

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