Jambi (ANTARA News) - Buana Airlines on Tuesday began its maiden flight on the Padang-Kerinci route.

Kerinci transportation chief Guldiyanto said Tuesday Depati Parbo airport has again landed Nusantara Buana Airlines (NBA) commercial planes on the Padang-Kerinci route.

"The Padang-Kerinci line is a new route and flight to the most western regency of Jambi province," he said..

He said the maiden flight was made on January 24, 2012 with departure from Padang at 8.30 am, and from Kerinci at 9.30 am in a 30 minutes flight," he said.

The flight uses Smac plane with a capacity of 15 passengers for one year operating on subsidy in the form of fuel from the Ministry of Transportation at a ticket price of Rp250.100.

He said after NBA, early in March 2012 , Depati Parbo airport will again serve the Kerinci-Jambi route.

Depati Parbo airport in 2012 will cover two routes, namely Kerinci-Padang and Kerinci-Jambi routes by two airline companies.

The Kerinci-Jambi route will be covered by Pacific Royale Airlines (PRA) twice a week, and Pacific Royale Airlines will use Foker-50 and initially cover the Jambi-Kerinci route twice a week.

The ticket price has been set at the lower limit of Rp385.000 and upper limit of Rp550.000." (*)

Editor: Kunto Wibisono
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