Bandung, West Java (ANTARA News) - Wanadri Seven Summit climbers are set to make the last climb to the world`s highest peak, 8,850 mdpl Mount Everest in Nepal.

"The blinders, scheduled to start in April 2012, are getting used to the climate there for 3-4 months, and the peak was scheduled to be reached in August 2012," Head of Wanadri Ardilles said here, Monday.

Everest is the seventh or latest climb of the Wanadri team who early in January this year climbed the 4,897 mdpl Vinson Massif in the Antarctic.

The Indonesian team consists of five climbers namely Ardhesir Yaftebi, Iwan Irawan, Martin Rimbawan, Fadjri Lutfy and Nurhuda.

"This will be the last climb of the world`s seven peaks as one of Wanadri`s mandate of climbing frozen maintains in the world," Ardilles said.

He added that the climbing of the Everest peak needs complete and comprehensive preparations for the extreme weather in the peak of the South Asian mountain.

And an oxygen tube would be needed in the eternal icy cap.

"Climatization will be carried out in Nepal and in the initial climb of the area of the mountain," Ardilles said.

If the team is successful in reaching the Everest peak, it have the right for the Seven Summiters title already gained by the other world climbers.

Previously Wanadri`s Seven Summits team has climbed seven other peaks, namely Cartenz Pyramid (4.884 mdpl), Kilimanjaro (5.892), Elbrus (5.850), Aconcagua (6.962), Denali Mc Kinley in Alaska and the latest Vinson Massif in the Antarctic

In its preparations, Wanadri will also conduct an expedition in March 2012 to the Tendoyan mountain side in East Kalimantan, the Sekuleh river crossing (Aceh), and Bukit Talibu (Maluku).

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