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- InToTally's Upgrade Significantly Improves Network Performance by up to 40 Percent in Saturated Mobile World; Shapes New Voice and Video Capabilities as Mobile Industry Transitions to LTE; Key Technology for Consumers' Capacity-Hungry, Always-On Digital Lifestyle

International CTIA Wireless -- InToTally, inventor of revolutionary mobile network performance solutions, today announced that its groundbreaking network optimization technology, ToT-OLPC(TM), is being deployed by Vodafone Group Plc for critical infrastructure improvements in the operator's global mobile networks. The deployment is currently underway in Europe and will eventually be rolled out worldwide. InToTally also revealed an equity investment led by Vodafone Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Vodafone Group.

InToTally was granted four international fundamental wireless patents for the Outer Loop Power Control algorithm in the ToT-OLPC technology. A 100% software solution, ToT-OLPC upgrades do not require additional hardware in handsets, mobile devices or cellular base stations. This enables vastly improved mobile network performance to better support video conferencing, HD voice, machine-to-machine apps, mobile video uploads, mobile business solutions, remote health care, mobile gaming and many other applications.

"After years of attempts and failures by other developers, our patented technology is the first solution that finally resolves an entrenched faulty power control algorithm to provide up to 40% more user capacity and quality of service in 3G networks and up to 40% more capacity and quality in some LTE services," explained Alvaro Lopez-Medrano, CEO of InToTally. "Everyone is quite familiar with the overcapacity of mobile networks and the user frustrations of dropped voice calls, short battery life, and degraded data services. We believe we have introduced the linchpin solution - a 3G upgrade for mobile and network success during the transition to LTE --as consumers demand and expect faster speed, greater access to content, and a better overall experience in their always-on digital life."

According to Sue Rudd, Director of Service Provider Analysis at Strategy Analytics Wireless Operator Strategies Service, "4G is frequently promoted as the way to meet the huge demand for mobile capacity. But by 2016 only about 26% of subscribers will have moved to 4G networks and a hybrid solution with 3G will be essential to ensure adequate coverage for voice and data. This means we need immediate cost effective and easily deployable 3G capacity upgrades like those from InToTally to ensure that older CDMA and WCDMA networks can add up to 40% capacity while improving quality and handover reliability. The global deployment of InToTally's 3G solution by Vodafone and other operators should enable millions of additional connections and transactions around the world over the next five years during the network transition to 4G."

InToTally ToT-OLPC is uniquely positioned to play a significant role in the continuity from 3G to LTE capabilities offered by mobile operators and device manufacturers. The strategies adopted by most LTE providers are to utilize current 3G networks to offer a full range of integrated voice, data and video services. However, 3G networks are saturated due to a faulty power control algorithm that reduces network capacity - a well-known and well-documented 20-year-old convergence problem in wireless networks.

"Our technology strengthens the continuity of voice and video services during the switch from LTE to 3G networks," Lopez-Medrano added. "In addition, our solution helps to maintain the call quality of Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) services, such as HD voice and video, when they drop to 3G. We are essentially ensuring the most optimized scenario for the best user experience in mobile."

The telecom marketplace stands to gain wide-ranging benefits from InToTally's technology solution. Carriers benefit from increased revenues, better margins, reduced capital expenditures and lower subscriber turnover. Mobile device manufacturers who implement InToTally's technology in their products will be able to deliver superior voice and data performance to their customers, and increase their ability to sell-through to operators. Mobile chipset manufacturers will be able to offer better quality of service and improved handset network capability - thus increasing marketshare promoted by the carrier. And consumers will experience improved mobile device performance, more reliable wireless data connections, longer battery life on handsets and other mobile devices, and potentially reduced data connectivity costs as network capacity improvements increase the available supply of mobile bandwidth.

About InToTally
InToTally delivers a vast leap forward in wireless technology solutions that enable network operators and device manufacturers to accelerate innovation and deliver more powerful mobile services. InToTally's innovative, patented approach optimizes wireless technologies to ensure the best user experience for the always-on digital lifestyle. InToTally helps the telecommunications industry improve network performance, reduce infrastructure costs and increase business agility. Founded in 2002 as part of an R&D partnership with the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain, InToTally is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. For more information, please visit us at

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