RI proposes three pragmatic steps for Palestine

RI proposes three pragmatic steps for Palestine

Marty Natalegawa. (ANTARA)

"We must continue to pave the way for the eventual membership of Palestine in the UN."
Cairo (ANTARA News) - Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa at a ministerial-level meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, on Wednesday proposed three practical steps that could help Palestine achieve independence.

"Indonesia`s proposal is aimed at finding a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue," said Marty, who was accompanied by Indonesian Ambassador to Egypt Nurfaizi Suwandi, before representatives from 120 NAM member countries.

"First, we must continue to pave the way for the eventual membership of Palestine in the UN," he noted.

Last year in Bali, the committee made a historic decision by agreeing on a roadmap on how to bring about wider international recognition for Palestine.

Since then, a sizeable number of countries have recognized the statehood of Palestine and it has also been granted UNESCO membership.

"We must build on these achievements by generating an irreversible momentum for the admission of Palestine into the UN," Marty stated.

Members of the NAM Palestine Committee can maintain the current momentum by putting the issue on the agenda of their bilateral meetings during the upcoming 67th Session of the UNGA.

Other international organisations, as identified by the Palestinian authority, with support of NAM members and others, could be encouraged to follow the example of UNESCO.

And to maintain this momentum, a special meeting of the committee could be convened as and when necessary.

�Second, continued illegal actions of Israel, including the building of settlements on Palestinian land, must stop,� Marty said, adding that such actions seriously breached Palestine`s rights.

"And in the face of persistent Israeli illegal actions, diplomatic efforts must be made at all possible venues to remind the world that the Palestinians are suffering rampant injustice. And to urge relevant parties to foster conditions conducive to the resumption of direct talks," he explained.

"NAM`s political support will help shape the international community`s response to a call for justice," Marty said.

"Third, we must sustain our efforts to help Palestine build its capacity for effective governance," he added.

As Palestine prepares itself for statehood, state-building and the development and strengthening of Palestinian national institutions is crucial.

Since the adoption of GA resolution 65/16, the Palestinian leadership has worked hard to develop these structures in anticipation of the establishment of a Palestinian state.

"On Indonesia`s part, we have an ongoing capacity-building programme to train 1,000 Palestinians in various fields. We are also open to collaborating with other interested NAM members in these and other capacity-building programmes for the Palestinians," Marty said.