Kudus, C Java (ANTARA News) - The Kudus (Central Java) Customs Duty Control and Service Office (KPPBC) has again seized 311,148 illegal cigarettes on June 25, 2012.

Head the Intelligence and Action Division of the Kudus KPPBC Tutut Basuki said in Kudus Thursday that the confiscation of the hundreds of illegal cigarettes is the result of the development of information on illegal cigarette production at the house of Wahib in Robayan village, Kalinyamatan subdistrict, Jepara regency.

The security personnel found manufactured clove cigarettes (SKM)packed in several sizes of the forbidden goods, including 22 bales of cigarettes and 29 packs of LG cigarettes, 28 pressing machines and 115 Puas cigarets, as well as 42 kilograms of Puas cigarettes and 76 kg of LG cigarettes.

The other goods found by the police included 13 cartons of cigarettes or 179,200 pieces of Super cigarettes and a hearing element.

"The perpetrator with the initial MT was still after the police," he said.

Like a similar raid on June 20, 2012 seizing 128,400 illegal cigarettes at a house of Henny in Kriyan village, Kalinyamatan subdistrict, Jepara regency, she said the operation was practically the same this time by renting a house for the production of illegal cigarettes.

The potential loss of the state of these illegal activities which have been saved amounted to Rp79.23 million.

The perpetrators have violated article 50 of law No 11/2007 on amended Law no 11/1995 on customs and may face a prison term of one to five years and a fine of double or ten times the tobacco tax payable.


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